JOE is a 4-phased program that endeavors to enlighten its students aged 8 to 18 on concepts related to leadership development through experiential learning. To facilitate effective learning, the program is available in two levels: Junior Edition (8 to 12-year-olds) and Teen Edition (13 to 18-year-olds).

The Foundation of Leadership

Students in this program will understand the basics of leadership development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, teamwork, business development, self-motivation, and other cognitive skills. They will have a leadership mindset and the ability to assess and evaluate situations. The JOE program is set to expand its students' skills, career prospects, and personality traits.


Why teach children to become job seekers when you can prepare to become job creators!

JOE has been designed to instill soft skills as well as technical skills in children. The JOE programs enhance creativity, problem-solving, innovative thinking, and collaboration. Through our program, we plan to develop leadership skills, and behavioral skills and to impart proper etiquette into the minds of children to make their future ready.

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Shreya shah, mother of utsav shah

"JOE has made a lot of difference in my child's life. He has developed a 'never-say-never' mindset and looks forward to create new things through his ideas. JOE has instilled a sense of discipline, responsibility and importance of teamwork. During any sports or project, he gives his ideas and thoughts and leads from the front."

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