Our Inspiration

We want to see a future driven by leadership. And, what if our children become a part of this leadership from an early age? With JOE’s global leadership-driven program, your child will sharpen communication and presentation skills well in advance and get prepared to lead tomorrow.

At JOE, we believe that entrepreneurship is not just about financial literacy. It does not necessarily mean business.

We give importance to discipline, ethics, and a sense of responsibility. Children learn not only thinking out-of-the-box but also on the execution of fresh new ideas. Execution does not come immediately. It needs proper communication and presentation skills, teamwork, decision making and most importantly, the ability to lead a team with confidence.

Our students love their “JOE environment” where they collaborate to create projects and learn from each other. Thus, they grow up in a fun-filled and learning ambience.

Now is the time to make your kid prepared for the future.

Let’s start. Let’s JOE!

JOE Philosophy


To be the world’s most preferred program in the early leadership skills for children on concepts related to entrepreneurship and financial literacy


To inspire children to lead from the front through effective communication and presentation skills and empower them with necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a difference in society


To create a fun-filled and joyful environment that instills creativity and inspires children to lead while learning

From The Desk of Our Founder

Suhaimi Salleh Founding Chairman, Journey of Entrepreneurship, Singapore

I like to congratulate you & your child on taking the first step to become an entrepreneur.

When I was a beginner just like your child, there was no entrepreneurship program. Thanks to my parents who had exposed me to entrepreneurship at a very young age. It was a turning point in my life.

Dr. Magdi A Hafez Founding Chairman, Journey of Entrepreneurship, Singapore

I would love to share my utmost excitement for the journey that you are about to embark on – the Journey of Entrepreneurship.

When I was a child, I had a desire to make the world a better place. My vision for the future had paved my way to becoming a serial entrepreneur I am today.

Anand KariaPresident, Journey Of Entrepreneurship Canada & USA

The achievement of children in any field always inspires me. With time and the advancements of technology, children are getting smart and sharp. And, to bring their journey to the next level, what could be a better platform than JOE, the much-awaited entrepreneurship learning for Indian children?

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